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Artisan Jay's Extraordinary Bobblehead Transformations
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Harnessing Cutting-Edge AI Technologies to Create Exquisite Designs Tailored to Your Descriptions!


Photos of your face and description of your desired outfit. Example: an aikido boy in a hakama.

Day 1


Receive four images that match your face and description. Choose your favorite one.

Day 2-3


Our artisan starts to work on the bobblehead and will let you verify the head and body until you are satisfied.

Day 3~12 (depends on verfication response time)


Receive your custom bobblehead in just 7~10 business days.

Day 13~22
Have Any Question?

What materials are used?

At the heart of our custom bobbleheads lies the extraordinary polymer clay—a non-toxic, polychrome, and transformable material. This remarkable medium brings your bobbleheads to life with vibrant colors and a truly captivating appearance. Unlike other suppliers who resort to cheap poly resin and extensive painting, our bobbleheads retain their original charm, as the colors are embedded within the clay itself. Bid farewell to fading or rubbing off. Discover the unrivaled advantages of our custom bobbleheads through the following details.

What do I expect in terms of sculpture similarity?

Our meticulous craftsmanship ensures a remarkable likeness of over 80% compared to the provided photos. While our process is predominantly handmade, minor deviations may occur. We are open to your feedback and can make adjustments according to your specific requirements.

What is the longevity of the sculptures?

Once completed, our sculptures undergo a thorough baking process at 200 degrees Celsius, resulting in a durable and resilient texture akin to plastic glue. Rigorous testing guarantees resistance to temperature and humidity, ensuring the shape and color remain intact for an extended period.
What if I don’t like my bobblehead? Do you offer refunds?
We value your happiness above all else. If, at any point during the creation process (prior to shipping), you feel dissatisfied with your bobblehead, we offer refund. A nominal 40% cancellation fee applies to ensure the integrity of our service and discourage non-serious 'fun orders.' Please note that once you have approved and received your bobblehead, refunds are not possible. Your satisfaction is our priority. Please send an email to support@bazrr.com.

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