Eye Massager with Heat and Compression, Weighted Warm Therapy Mask, Eye/Temple/Facial Massage for Eye Strain, Dry Eyes, Migraine/Sinus Pressure Headache Relief, Improve Sleep Quality

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  • 【Vision Window & Shading Lens】The hollowed design provides plenty of room for eye balls and eyelashes, targeting acupressure points around the eyes and making it better for napping with make-up on and no marks leave on on face. Your eyesight won't feel blurry due to the pressure and the eye shield esp. for ppl who may be claustrophobic.
  • 【One-button Control】4 various modes, no vibration or LED indicator. Long press the power button to switch on/off, short press to switch modes in sequence, double press to turn off the audios.It will automatically shut off w/o notification sounds. Simple operation and easy to use. Place eye mask massager over your eyes and simply select the mode you want to relax during the day or night to induce a deeper relaxation and a more restful sleep
  • 【 Massage】Air pressure goes in different patterns above and under eyes and over temples. From mode 1 to mode 3, the intensity of the smart eye care device decreases to moderate strength. [NOTE: Discourage those who have undergone eye surgery, cataract, glaucoma, retinal detachment or other major eye diseases. If you must, use heat option only, please!]
  • 【Heat】Built-in heating pads provide comfortable and constant temperature hot compress between 104°F-107.6℉-113℉ degree Fahrenheit (40℃-42℃-45℃). From mode 2 to mode 4, enabling a soothing heat of 104℉ (40℃) or get a deeper heat of 113℉ (45℃) °F generated by the Infra-red technology, the heat area extends to the temple area to promote the blood circulation which effectively helps relieve puffy eyes and red eyes and better for reducing soreness, tired eyes and migraines
  • 【Cordless & Portable】 The electric eye massager is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Last for five times once fully charged. The device stays on your eyes whether you're relaxing on the sofa, lying in bed or sitting in a chair to perform an eye massage. [TIPs: Apply your favourite eye cream or serum before using the heat function, your skin will absorb the lotion very well]
  • 【Voice Broadcast & Bluetooth Capability】 Built-in speaker supports voice prompts, and the prerecorded soothing music(ocean waves play on a loop) can drown out the pump noise from mechanical work and reduce anxiety and relax your mind. Also you can connect the machine with your phone via Bluetooth and play your own playlists while getting the eyes and temples massaged

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