TORRAS Monitor Clip Fan Bar Touch Control Desktop Space Saving Personal Desk Fan 90 Adjustment 3 Speeds for Home Office Bedroom

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  • 【5 in 1 Leaves You Free Space】The world's 1st original monitor fan, with insightful innovations and features, can be just a touch away from discovering a tiny space on hot days. With a length of 10.2 inches, this mount desk fan fits any monitor or narrow space or standing on the desk without any base, setting you free from clutter. Without a doubt, this table fan is a perfect alternative to an air conditioner unit or bulky desk fan, personal fan, etc.
  • 【Cool Down in 3s & Strong but Healthy】The electric fan adopts an air-conditioned grade long outlet design, increasing the wind coverage by 3 times. Unlike conventional fans, our chip-on fan with a new type of circulating airflow provides cool air faster than ever. Professional cross-flow fan technology makes the desktop fan blowing wind soft, uniform, and 100% natural, refreshing your mind immediately.
  • 【Adjustable 3 Speeds & 0-70° wind direction】The office fan features 3 speeds and up downwind direction adjustment of 70°. Easy operating touch controls deliver constant and continuous airflow at your chosen angle and intensity. This wonderful bladeless fan starts from a quiet breeze to a turbocharged wind, providing the most suitable power and angle to quickly cool you down, keeping your body temperature cool in a healthy way, and saying goodbye to headaches and hot flashes.
  • 【Easy to install & USB-powered】The triangular-shaped adjustable clip can be easily placed on a monitor without using tape or screws. It ensures a stable fan position thanks to its intelligent design. The adjustable silicone clip is compatible with monitor thicknesses ranging from 0.2 to 0.8 inches (5mm-20mm), suitable for various computers or narrow places. Any power source can be used for this electric fan using the Type-C charging cable.
  • 【30-day return without reasons & 180-day replacement】We promise return without reasons within 30 days, a free replacement within 180 days due to quality problems, and lifetime friendly consumer service. As for this office fan, any questions can get a response within 12 hours.

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