2022 powerful wireless Mini Electric EMS Neck Massager Intelligent Remote Control Heating electronic Smart Neck Massager

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 Product Description

  • Full thermotherapy provided by four spots heated up
  • 6 modes are provided for you to choose the most suitable style of massage
  • 15 intensities are optional for you to get the best massage needed
  • Ergonomic design to guarantee the best match with your neck to avoid pricking and to provide the best massage
  • Elastic structure and material to fit different people's necks. Get one massager to take care of the whole family
  • Magnet applied to avoid a missing remote control
  • Remote control and intuitive buttons on the massager. No worry about missing the remote control

Product Name
Portable neck massager Uneck T1
Net weigh
11.29 oz
Device dimensions
7.68X4.13X2.56 inches
Working temperature
23 F~104 F
Protect function
Closing motor over current
Charging time
Around 3 hour
Charging input
Working current
0.5-2.2A area
Work mode
Four kinds of turning mode
Far-infrared ray
Heating by microbubbles

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